Participation benefits local communities and your association, too.

How your association benefits

  • Most importantly, your members’ donations benefit worthy causes—charities located in your convention’s host city that you select.
  • Your fundraising campaign brings together your association, its members and your host city for a celebration of philanthropy at your convention.
  • Your campaign also honors the leadership of your association and its members, in whose name your give back effort is undertaken.
  • When you announce fundraising results at your convention, you create excitement and pride among members. For associations endeavoring to appeal to millennial members, a give back program is an ideal way to show this important demographic the good work your association is doing. Donations of $1,000 or more qualify the donor for special recognition at the association’s convention and on AGB social media platforms.
  • A stream of positive publicity accompanies your campaign in your trade press and on social media.
  • Your first campaign lays the cornerstone for repeating your effort year after year as your association visits various convention cities.
  • Participation in Associations Give Back is free.
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