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What is Associations Give Back (AGB)’s mission?

To work with associations to uplift communities by raising funds for outstanding local charities.

Who started Associations Give Back?

AGB was started by Ron and Rachel Schreibman. Ron is a recently retired association executive who served the Washington, DC-based National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors in a variety of fundraising, media relations, education and foundation management roles. Rachel has a background in counseling and art therapy and has worked with a variety of populations in need. She has also worked closely with a variety of nonprofits throughout her career both professionally and as a volunteer including: the National Kidney Foundation, Charlie’s Place of Washington, DC, Georgetown Hospital, and Davita Dialysis.

Ron and Rachel seek to inspire a large commitment to giving back by associations and their members to support highly deserving local charities in association convention host cities.

So what’s AGB’s big idea?

Associations have always aggregated the power of members to advance their industries.

Now, associations are also aggregating member donations to advance society.

Today, more and more associations are adding social responsibility programs to their overall member service packages. They are augmenting their mission statements to encompass a “give back” component in support of relevant, meaningful societal causes. Members are answering the call to pool resources at the association level to help vetted charities.

Associations Give Back, a 501c3 non-profit organization, works with associations to make these programs happen. Your association’s give back program can provide basic necessities to those lacking adequate nutrition, clothing and shelter; help our wounded warriors get back on their feet; advance childhood and adult literacy programs; clean our air and water; and much more.

AGB does all the behind-the-scenes work–at no cost to your association–to gather member donations leading up to your association’s annual convention or other conference. With your concurrence, donations are directed to local charities in your convention’s host city in your association’s name.

How does AGB work?

AGB’s program for associations is simple in design and operation:

Your association completes this Participation Form. We will contact you to discuss our give back program.

AGB identifies worthy charities local to the host city of your next convention.

Your association staff and/or volunteer leaders select a charity as the “give back” recipient of funds raised from your members.

AGB provides your association with fundraising materials for your use in conjunction with your convention promotions. These materials invite your members to make tax deductible donations to the selected charity in honor of your association and your convention host city.

Member donations are collected electronically and by check until the conclusion of your convention.

During your convention, your association may choose to publicize the amount of funds raised via a podium announcement, a tabletop display, a special reception or a “big check” presentation.

Immediately following your convention, donated funds are forwarded to the selected charity on behalf of your association.

AGB provides your association with a press release recapping your fundraising effort for use with trade press and general media outlets.

How is the charity chosen to receive member donations?

With the help of Charity Navigator, a well-respected nonpartisan charity rating organization, Associations Give Back identifies and recommends worthy charities in convention host cities.

Alternatively, your association may wish to designate a charity with special meaning to it. AGB is happy to contact such charities on your behalf.

Are donations limited to an association’s regular members?

No. Donations are appreciated and accepted from any and all members of your association and industry. This includes associate members, customer groups, past members, prospective members, members of sister associations, consultants, business partners, allied universities, past chairpersons and committee chairs, trade press and any others to whom you wish to direct your promotions. The wider the net you cast, the better your fundraising results will be.

Can an AGB fundraising program be repeated at the following year’s convention?

Absolutely! We encourage our partner associations to continue their AGB participation every year. You will find that as your program takes root with your members and industry, donation totals will increase. Making Associations Give Back an annual program is a great idea!

Is there any cost to your association to participate in AGB?

No. Associations Give Back participation is free. Voluntary donations to AGB, a 501c3 non-profit organization, always are appreciated but not required. AGB retains a small percentage of donations to defray program expenses.

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